Taking the lead to keep yourself safe from hotel fire accidents

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Taking the lead to keep yourself safe from hotel fire accidents

15 February 2017
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Fire is one of the most probable accidents that could affect you during your accommodation at a hotel. Even though it is impossible to prevent all fires, all responsible hotel owners take precautionary measures to guarantee the safety of their customers even when a fire accident occurs.

However, you too have a personal responsibility to ensure your safety against fire during your stay at a hotel room. This means you need to proactively prepare yourself to utilize the fire safety gears and measures the hotel has taken. But what can or should a lodger do to prepare themselves in the face of a fire eruption? Below are some thoughts that will sharpen your fire safety instinct.

Ensure that the smoke detector is working

Smoke detectors are some of the tools that hotels install to help detect fire. When you check into your room, you need to ensure the smoke detector in your chamber is functional. If it is faulty, alert the hotel management immediately for appropriate action. You can verify its functional condition by checking if the little light on the detector is blinking.

Locate all the fire exits in the hotel room

Another measure you need to take is locating where all the fire exits points are located—closest to your room. This precaution is necessary because you will definitely need to flee your room if a fire erupts. If you don't know where these routes are, you will be compromising your dear life.

Find out where the nearest fire alarms and extinguishers are

As you check in, find out where the nearest fire alarms and extinguishers are located. The reason here is that a small fire may erupt near your room, and your timely intervention may save the whole situation. But if you don't know where these tools are, the situation is likely to spiral out of control. That is why if you can't see them, you need to ask the hotel management for prompt assistance.

Find out an alternative escape door

In the event of a fire, things can get messy and jittery, leading to the blockage of the escape doors that are closest to your room. In such cases, it is not a must for you escape through the nearest door but the most convenient one even if it is a far off. That is why it is prudent to find out other alternative paths to use in case there is a near-stampede commotion around a particular escape path.