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I love having my grandma living with us, but it does add some complications when we go on holidays. She uses a walker, which can limit the amount of places that we can stay. She loves seeing the ocean, so we try and head to the beach with her every summer. She also tells us stories of the beach holidays she had as a little girl, and it's great to hear about how much fun she had on holidays with her grandparents. This blog is all about going on holidays with grandparents and navigating finding accommodation for people with limited mobility.


Four Reasons Holiday Parks Make Such An Exciting Family Trip

22 November 2022
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Holiday parks are a great way to have an affordable holiday that also provides plenty of activities for the whole family. If you're looking for an exciting new way to spend time as a family this summer, then why not consider a holiday park? There are many benefits to staying at one, and they make the perfect location for families travelling together. Here are just four reasons why holiday parks make such an exciting family trip. Read More …