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Vacations with grandma

I love having my grandma living with us, but it does add some complications when we go on holidays. She uses a walker, which can limit the amount of places that we can stay. She loves seeing the ocean, so we try and head to the beach with her every summer. She also tells us stories of the beach holidays she had as a little girl, and it's great to hear about how much fun she had on holidays with her grandparents. This blog is all about going on holidays with grandparents and navigating finding accommodation for people with limited mobility.


Planning to live at a motel

31 August 2016
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If you are planning to move into a motel as your primary lodging you want to plan ahead to make the stay as comfortable as possible. Here are a few tips to help make your stay easy and stress free.  A mobile phone If you are leaving a permanent home base it can be a good idea to still be contactable by friends and family. Being able to not only leave a phone number but also continue to check your email and social media. Read More …

Four Ways to Save Energy and Reduce the Burden on Your Caravan’s Generator

29 August 2016
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Running a generator to supply the power needs of your caravan can get expensive, especially if you use a lot of power and have to fill the generator with petrol on a regular basis. Luckily, there are ways to cut your energy consumption and reduce the burden on your generator. 1. Install solar panels on your caravan Whether you are driving around or parked, the hot sun is likely hitting your caravan. Read More …

How to Stop the Pounds Piling On When Travelling for Business

27 April 2016
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It's easy to gain a few pounds when travelling on business; temptation is everywhere, from fast food stops to calorie-laden business lunches to heavy airport food. However, it's easy to keep the pounds off if you want to, you just have to make a few small changes and be conscious of what you are putting in your mouth. If you find that you gain weight every time you go away for business, read on for some tips that you can use every time you travel to help you maintain your weight. Read More …

Take These Four Steps to Find the Most Cost-Effective Hostels

26 April 2016
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Hostels usually provide more active and social environments than hotels or guesthouses, but their chief advantage is that they tend to be cheap. That said, the price you pay each night for your bed is only one of the factors that you need to consider if cutting down on costs is important. Follow the four tips listed below to ensure that your hostel really is as cost-effective as possible. 1. Note the Location Read More …